Everything You Need to Know Before Your Kybella Treatment

Everything You Need to Know Before Your Kybella Treatment

Kybella is today’s modern approach to effective fat reduction and eventual elimination. A first of its kind, this treatment is the first-ever FDA-approved treatment that directly eliminates stubborn fat cells in the skin. Deoxycholic acid is Kybella’s main ingredient, which naturally exists in our bodies and helps break down the fat in our food. 

Nowadays, practitioners can use Kybella in breaking down unwanted fat in specific areas of our bodies, eventually eliminating fat deposits in a patient’s double chin, mouth area, jowls, and what female patients’ term “bra bulges.” These stubborn fat cells destroyed with the Kybella treatment are naturally eliminated from the body, and the good news – they are gone forever! Most Kybella patients must have undergone 2-4 treatment sessions before seeing the full aesthetic results they want within three months.

Today, let’s dive deeper into the waters of the Kybella treatment and discover more about this incredible fat-reducing procedure. Read until the end if you want to know more about Kybella.

Fast Facts About Kybella

What it is

  • Kybella is an injection technique that involves no surgery and reduces excess fat below the chin.
  • Each treatment session takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  • This fat-reduction treatment uses the synthetic form of deoxycholic acid to carry out the process effectively.

How Safe

  • Back in 2015, Kybella was the first-ever FDA-approved treatment, the first of its kind.
  • Nowadays, Kybella is a reputable and well-tolerated procedure that has already become an alternative to invasive surgical procedures such as liposuction and the like.

How Effective

  • Clinical trials have reported respondents significantly seeing results with improved satisfaction in their appearance after experiencing the Kybella treatment.
  • These same clinical trials declared Kybele to be a safe and effective procedure.

Some advantages of the Kybella treatment include the following:

  • Gradually lessens mild to moderate double chin or jowls
  • Non-invasive, safe, and effective alternative to cosmetic surgery
  • Produces permanent results

How to Prepare for Your Kybella Treatment

Planning for your treatment is essential. Discuss everything about Kybella with your trusted medical experts, ensuring you are a good candidate for the Kybella procedure. Tell your practitioner your medical history and even previous cosmetic treatments and processes are done on the areas of your face, chin, and neck. Being true to your practitioners can be essential for the success of your Kybella treatment. Additionally, letting your doctor or healthcare provider know about your current swallowing troubles or bleeding issues can also be beneficial. Research done on the results provided by the Kybele treatment on unborn babies is still an ongoing progress, so letting your doctor or healthcare provider know if you are expecting or pregnant or have plans to become a mother in the future will help in your effective decision-making.

For Kybella treatment, there is little preparation required because of its non-surgical nature. However, schedule and have the procedure best before any significant or essential events you might have in the future. Before your scheduled appointment, properly washing your face can help reduce infection risks. In addition, avoiding products like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can prevent post-treatment bruising.

Common Target Areas for Kybella

An FDA-approved treatment, Kybella is typically used in the following area:

  • The submental area, or under the chin
  • Upper back fat, or what they call the “bra bulge.”

How Does Kybella Work?

Under the Chin

Kybella injections use the synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a bile acid produced naturally by our body that helps absorb fat. Once this acid is injected, it destroys fat cells beneath the chin area, making it unable to store fat anymore. Making sure that a trained doctor or healthcare professional administers your Kybella injections is vital because deoxycholic acids tend to kill other cells during the process as well.

Your doctor or healthcare provider will mark the injection sites with a marker before the procedure. They may also administer topical numbing agents or ice packs to help ease any pain or discomfort. Injections, usually from 20 to 30, or up to 50, are used under the chin area. The injected acid then works slowly and gradually, killing fat cells naturally metabolized by our bodies over the following weeks.

Each person may require various treatment sessions after the initial one. So, to reach optimal results, you might need multiple treatments. Generally, you may need to receive up to six (6) Kybella treatments at least one month between one another.

What to Expect After Your Kybella Treatment

Doctors or healthcare providers should design treatment plans based on your specific needs. Most of those who undergo Kybella treatment requires more than one treatment to reach and achieve their desired aesthetic goals. Clinical studies show that, on average, people who received Kybella treatments have achieved visible changes and results after the first two (2) to four (4) treatments. In addition, 59% of the cases studied found six (6) treatments to be the necessary benchmark. 

The results of the Kybella treatment should last after the deoxycholic acid destroys fat cells in the submental area and the upper “bra bulge” part. Further treatment is not expected as the fat cells can no longer store fat, but this is a case-to-case basis of contention.

Risks and side effects

Despite its non-surgical nature, Kybella still has some common side effects, including pain, swelling, bruising, redness, and numbness. Kybella’s recovery process is minimal mainly and has a varied downtime depending on the patients themselves. Thus, minor known side effects fade and subside after one (1) to two (2) weeks on average.

However, serious side effects have also occurred before. These after-effects included weakening the facial muscle, smiles becoming uneven, trouble swallowing, or injuries in the nerve regions of the jaw, among others. So, if you feel or experience discomfort post-treatment symptoms, discuss and seek the help of your doctor or healthcare provider right away.

Final Thoughts on Kybella

In the end, Kybella treatments are proven safe and effective in reducing all that unwanted fat under your chin or at the upper back part where the “bra bulge” is located. Discussing everything necessary with your doctor or health provider is very important. Once all has been set and settled, you can readily enjoy the results of the Kybella treatment.

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