A glowing complexion on demand. Our medical-grade customized facials begin with gently cleansing the targeted area, lite exfoliation, and extractions. We’ll apply lite peeling agents with lactic and amino acids to lift off skin impurities that clog your pores. This treatment will give you a radiant tone with a natural ph balance to the skin. We have an array of customized medical-grade facials to choose from at our office made for all skin types. Your facial will be completed with medical skincare protocols of only the finest active ingredients that will give you a luminous finish.

The pros of this treatment include:

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The Treatment

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Customized Facial


Teen Customized Facial


*Includes counseling

Our expert estheticians customized this treatment to address each client’s individual concerns and needs. This relaxing treatment caters to all skin types and includes deep cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and massage. This facial is recommended once a month and will leave the skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

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Hydration Hour Facial


Exclusive to Refresh, this hot take on our custom facial uses all ZO® products while incorporating two of ZO®’s newest products curating a cocktail of hydrating, soothing, and barrier enforcing ingredients and masques that will leave your skin feeling moisturized and supple with a glazed and luminescent finish! This treatment is perfect for those looking to add life back into dull and dry skin or to book before a special event for a healthy, hydrated glow.

Elevate your Hydration hour and make it a happy hour! Book between 3-6pm and enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbly!

*Includes a dermaplane

Add-ons for Facials

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Exfoliation of dead skin and removing vellus hair from the face with no downtime. Recommended every 3-4 weeks. *Cannot be added to the Fire and Ice Facial. 

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Upgraded Masks (3 varieties)


We offer a collagen-stimulating mask, anti-aging and hydrating. These masks provide enhanced outcomes catered to the client’s specific needs.

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Eyebrow Wax


Eyebrow Tint


Lash Tint


HydraFacial Eye Perk


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HydraFacial Lip Perk


HydraFacial Booster


Lymphatic Drainage


LED Lights


Our facials treat the face and extract impurities from your pores.

You’ll get an instant glow after your first session. 

The visible results may last up to a week. 

Yes. The extraction may cause redness and blotchy skin. These symptoms subside within a few hours.

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