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Reiki Therapy

Reiki Therapy is a Japanese energy healing treatment that promotes relaxation and helps to relieve stress. Reiki brings the body and mind back into balance and gives a sense of well-being.

Refresh Medical Spa offers a variety of different Reiki Therapy treatments:

Reiki Energy Facial
Revitalize your skin’s natural healing energies with invigorating skincare combined with healing energy work. Calm your mind, balance and realign the body’s energy centers and leave refreshed and rejuvenated.
$120 for 60 minute treatment

Reiki & Crystal Therapy
Reiki is an energy healing Japanese technique that promotes relaxation and helps to relieve stress. Capture the essence of healing energy and the use of crystal therapy with this “mini retreat”. The body and mind will feel more balance, sense of
well-being and more equipped to deal with life stressors.
$50.00 – 30 minutes
$90.00 – 60 minutes
Series of six 60 minute sessions $450

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