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National Botox Day is November 20th

Botox Day November 20th

National Botox Day is November 20th! This Wednesday everyone’s favorite injectable gets its very own day, marking
the first National Botox Cosmetic Day.  Since Refresh Medical Spa is the top anti-aging medi spa in Overland Park, we’re here for this new holiday. Botox Cosmetic is partnering with actress and The New York Times Top Selling writer Jenny Mollen to encourage individuals to learn more about Botox AND to take time for themselves.

National Botox Cosmetics Day celebrates the injectable treatment, which has become part of our pop culture, as a way to encourage more people to learn more about Botox. In a recent interview in USMagazine, Jenny Mollen claims that Botox is better than therapy:

“If you can smooth out a few lines, I think it does wonders for your psyche. It’s important to empower women in any way possible. And I think that this is something that actually makes you feel good about yourself.”

About Botox

Botox Cosmetic is the first and only neurotoxin approved by the FDA to momentarily treat 3 areas from adults: moderate to acute forehead lines, crow’s legs lines and glabellar lines. November 20th is the busiest day on record for booking Botox Cosmetic remedies from the U.S., so the objective of this one day event will be to give back to loyal clients while participating with people considering a treatment ahead of the holidays.

The brand is currently offering a distinctive purchase one, get one, provide: For every $100 present card purchased on November 20th, customers will get an additional $100 present card while supplies last.

Why National Botox Day

Carrie Storm, senior vice president of marketing for U.S. medical aesthetics at Allergan, explains the purpose behind National Botox Day.

“Since its approval for cosmetic use, millions of people have received Botox, and there are still millions more who want to try it. National Botox Cosmetic Day is meant to celebrate this iconic product that has become a part of American culture and educate consumers who want to learn more.”

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Book your appointment for a Botox treatment on November 20th at Refresh Medical Spa! It’s going to be BIG day at Refresh, Overland Park’s top anti-aging medical spa!


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