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Why hCG Diet is Your Last Diet


Refresh Medical Spa’s hCG weight loss program isn’t a diet—it’s the first step to a new, healthy life!  We use the Clean Start hCG Weight Loss protocol, to give you a way to jump-start your new healthy lifestyle.  There have been some negative articles written about hCG but the temporary use of the hCG diet is gaining ground in medical circles—even Dr. Oz has changed his mind about the hCG diet!

The picture you see here is Ingrid–who lost 84 pounds on the Clean Start hCG Weight Loss protocol.

The discovery of the hCG diet is accredited to Dr. A.T.W Simeons.  The launch of the weight loss plan correlates with the publication of his 1954 book, Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity.   Dr. Simeons discovered that there were three types of fat storage in the body:

Structural fat protects the organs, arteries, and other important systems of the body
The body also has a store of natural fat which supplies necessary energy
The body’s store of abnormal fat acts kind of like a bank’s safe deposit box.  The fat is stored away, kept “safe,” and remains untouchable

The abnormal fat is extremely difficult to lose.  For most people, exercise and a restricted diet won’t get the job done.  In fact, cutting back on calories can sometime increase the body’s store of fat.  Consuming fewer calories makes the body’s metabolism slow down.  As a result, the body hangs on to every bit of fat possible because it needs the energy.

Why hCG Diet Works

The best way to get rid of abnormal fat is to combine an ultra low calorie diet with HCG.  HCG tells the body to use the abnormal fat as energy.

A dieter needs to consumes an ultra low amount of calories and basically put the body in a brief “starvation state.”  Under normal circumstances, this would be extremely dangerous because the body doesn’t naturally resort to using the abnormal fat for energy.  Luckily, the presence of HCG guarantees the body doesn’t actually starve.

The HCG diet should only be used temporarily.  Medical professionals recommend cycles of about 25 days with extended breaks between each cycle.  Otherwise, the restricted calorie consumption will slow the metabolism if continued for extended periods of time.

This diet only works if the dieter sticks to the low calorie consumption.  By indulging in the occasional “treat,” the body won’t be forced to use the abnormal fat.  Weight loss won’t happen.

Refresh Medical Spa Support

Weight loss is hard but you are not alone!  The Refresh Medical Spa team is here to support you in your efforts.  Refresh Medical Spa uses the Clean Start hCG Weight Loss program and the goal is to reset your metabolism to a normal level.

  • Your physical hunger is reset to the normal level
  • Emotional eating issues and food cravings are also reset

Ultimately, when you finish this program, you will have a new relationship with food and eating.  The Clean Start hCG protocol will be the last diet you’ll ever go on.


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