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hCG Diet Recipe: Cinnamon Grapefruit Snack

Refresh Medical Spa offers the hCG Diet, a medical weight loss program.  The hCG diet is a way to drop weight quickly and keep it off!  Refresh Medical Spa professionals have many hCG Diet recipes, this hCG diet Grapefruit Cinnamon recipe is a favorite.

This Grapefruit Cinnamon recipe can be used on any phase of the hCG diet!

1/2 Red Grapefruit
1/4 tsp. Ground Cinnamon
1 packet of Powdered Stevia

To make this recipe, start by using a knife to cut the pulp of the fruit away from the rind. Next, use the knife to cut the inside circle of the grapefruit into ‘pie’ shaped pieces. Remove all the pieces of fruit from the rind (You might have to use your fingers). Place the grapefruit pieces on an oven-safe plate or shallow dish, then top with stevia and cinnamon. Broil 3 to 5 mins until caramelized.

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